Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh hayyy :)

Hi guys,

So by birthday's coming up, and I just placed an order from Coastal Scents :D
I'll most definitely be doing a haul video when my order arrives!
Ugh, the only thing that was annoying was that the shipping fee was like $7.50! A liiiiittle pricey there, Coastal Scents.

But I didn't order from Coastal Scents because my birthday's coming up, I ordered from there cuz I had some giftcards.
BUUUT, speaking of my birthday, it's in 10 days! And I'm going to New York for my birthday in 8 days! :D
Ahhh I'm SO excited!! I SHOULD have my Coastal Scents order by then...

Till next time guys! :)



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