Sunday, November 1, 2009

New video and my Halloween!

Hey everyone!

So I just filmed and edited a new video. It's exporting from iMovie as I speak!
I think I'll film one more short video today (after I finish my homework), since it's Sunday, and really my only day to make videos. But of course, you know I'll probably end up making one during the week because I procrastinate SO MUCH lol.

My new video is "DIY: How To Make Your Own Sugar Lip Scrub", and it's similar to my "DIY: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss" video, but of course it's two totally different things. I think you guys will like it just as much! :D

Alright, so my Halloween was fantastic!!! Lol sooo much candaayyy :D
But my other friend couldn't come with us because he was going trick-or-treating with his cousins :P Also, I think it's just ridiculous when people don't even dress up as anything and go trick-or-treating anyway. It's not fair to everyone else who dresses up because they don't put any effort into their costume, and they still get free candy! Although, I shouldn't be talking, seeing as how I put my costume together 30 minutes before I went trick-or-treating, but at least I dressed up as something! Hahah, I also think that it's silly how some people drive around in cars to go trick-or-treating, rather than just walking. I mean, what fun is that? It's like, drive two feet, stop, drive two feet, stop. The point of Halloween is to walk around "scaring evil spirits" with your costume! Oh well, lol some people just don't get it, so whatever :P



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