Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LOL at Youtube...

Don't you hate it when you're uploading a video on to Youtube, and it take like 2 hours to upload, but within the last 5 minutes of uploading, an "error occurs". ;KADSFJKADSFAFJAK;SLDFJKL;ADFSJALSJFDKLASJKF;L

Seriously, Youtube?!?!?!?

Hahaha oh welll, shiz happens =/

OH but I got my e.l.f. stuff today!!! :D
So right when I got the package in the mail, I filmed a haul video, and that's the video that I tried to upload today.
But it's 11:45 right now, so I'm not going to attempt to upload it again until tomorrow. Lol, hopefully it'll work (oh, IT WILL).

So like, I'm on like a shopping craze right now. I've made a list of like all the makeup I want, and it's ridiculous.
But the good thing is, it's the holiday season, and it's also almost my birthday, meaning I'll get some gooodies :D
My birthday's November 28, (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Alright, well hopefully my e.l.f. haul video will be up tomorrow!
So till next time guys! :)



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