Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello there :)

Hey everyone!

It's 3:20 AM, and I'm still awake.
So, I decided to make a blog.
I posted 2 NEW videos today: "DIY: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss" and "Target Haul!".
So yeah, I don't know how often I'm going to update this blog, but you never know, I could get addicted, like Twitter (which I don't update on that much anymore =/)

Oh yeah!! So I ordered a buncha stuff from e.l.f. a few days ago, so expect a haul video soon-ish lol :)

Also, check out my Youtube channel if you haven't already, although most of you are here because you heard of this from my Youtube... oh well, here's the URL anyway lol:

Alright, so this is it for my first blog post! Message me on Youtube, or leave a comment on one of my videos if you have a request for a video you would like me to make! :D




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